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Underworld: Awakening

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:29 pm
by Vandread
Seriously disappointed in this movie. I had high hopes, the first two weren't bad, the third one was pretty good and this one fell flat in a bad way.

So far from the Underworld movies I've come to expect 2 things. One is there are a couple of people stuck between 2 opposing sides. The other is that you can't really tell if one side is really any better than the other.

There are two "factions", Vampires and Lycons (Werewolves). Both of them are descendants of the same man who had a genetic defect and 3 sons. One son was bitten by a bat and transformed into a vampire. One son was bitten by a wolf and became the first Lycon and the third didn't get bit by anything and remained human and had kids and his lineage continued on for 600 years. The early Lycons were bloodthirsty monsters and lost all humanity and couldn't transform back to humans. The Vampires took it upon themselves to try and eliminate the Lycons to protect the humans, aka livestock.

They waged war and all but destroyed the Lycons and as it came into modern era they went underground. Not wanting the humans to know they existed and continuing to wage their private war on Lycons. This is where the first movie starts. Stuff happens, main character discovers descendant of the original 3 brothers who wasn't bit and discovers he has the genetic defect still pure in his genes and through being bitten by both werewolf and vampire becomes some merger of the two and they destroy the vampire hierarchy. Movie 1 ends, movie 2 begins with the last elder of the vampires coming after them and getting wasted. Meh this movie didn't really need to exist, but at least it was somewhat entertaining and filled out a LOT of the back story. Movie 2 ends. Movie 3 jumps back 400 or 600 years or something and shows the birth of the first Lycon who COULD change form at will and the vampires attempt to use them as pets and such and how that ended badly and explains more of the back story. Movie 4 jumps back to 10 years after movie 2. Now Vampires and Lycons were discovered by humans and hunted to near extinction. This is where the review begins.

The writers of the movie looked at the 3 act formula and the late in early out rules of writing and took these to an extreme. The movie is barely over an hour long and riddled with plot holes and bad decisions. I felt like the writers and director were grasping at what they can do differently from previous movies and in the end I was more entertained by the trailer for the next Resident Evil movie than I was for this movie. There is only 1 real plot twist and it was overly predictable and creates vast new plot holes. Considering the movie was only an hour and a few minutes long, there was ample room for them to flesh things out and fill those holes, the fact they didn't shows that either the director was incompetent or he assumed his audience was retarded.

I give the movie 2 evil eyes out of 5. :evil: :evil: